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  • Catalyst – Breakthrough book 3

  • The Unexpected Hero

    Total Reviews: 80
  • Through The Fog

    Total Reviews: 1,037
  • Leap

    Total Reviews: 1,223
  • Amid the Shadows

    Total Reviews: 1,462
  • Breakthrough

    Total Reviews: 3,159

About Michael C. Grumley

Michael Grumley Kindle Ebook Author
For years, Michael Grumley dreamed of writing action thrillers the way he thought they should be written; stories with unique plots that “move”. Enter BREAKTHROUGH and AMID THE SHADOWS, stories with fascinating plots, taking readers on exciting rides with endings impossible to guess.

Michael C. Grumley lives in Northern California with his wife and two young daughters where he works in the Information Technology field. He’s an avid reader, runner and most of all father. He dotes on his girls every chance he gets. His website is and his email address is

He is currently working on the next Breakthrough installment.

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